Wildleaf’s trusted network of plant-medicine practitioners.

Our affiliated doctor network allows you to find a plant-medicine practitioner aligned with your needs, goals, timeline and budget. This list has been carefully vetted to ensure that no matter who you choose, you’ll be in good hands.

Heyday Medical

As one of the first plant-medicine clinics in Australia, Heyday Medical have a wealth of plant-medicine expertise. Founded by Dr. Jim Connell and his sister Phoebe, Heyday has a number of highly skilled plant medicine doctors with unique skillsets suited to complex conditions.

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NectarTek Australia

NectarTek is a Cairns based provider who offers telehealth appointments for plant-based medicines. NectarTek is a great choice for patients seeking immediate consultations.

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MediCann Clinics

As another early pioneer in the Australian plant-medicine space, MediCann Clinics provides a professional and reliable service to patients around Australia. MediCann provides telehealth appointments over the phone so you can utilise their service in the comfort of your own home. Medicann also employs experienced Cannabis Nurses that work alongside doctors to provide a detailed, patient driven care model.

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