Frequently Asked Questions

What are plant-based medicines?

‘Plant-based medicines’ is the term used to refer to medicines derived from the cannabis sativa plant.

I’m new to the realm of plant-based medicines. Is it legal in Australia?

Yes, plant-based medicines can be accessed in Australia under the guidance of a registered healthcare provider. However, they must first obtain SAS-B or Authorised Prescriber approval via the TGA, and in certain states, relevant State Government approval(s). New to this journey? We’re here to help. Call us at 07 4020 5770 to discuss your eligibility.

When were plant-based medicines legalized in Australia?

The turning point for plant-based medicines in Australia was on October 30, 2016, when amendments to the Narcotics Drugs Act 1967 were passed, allowing for the cultivation and manufacturing of cannabis for medicinal and/or research purposes.

My GP isn’t well-versed in plant-based medicines. How can I find a specialist?

It’s always best to initiate the conversation with your GP as they have comprehensive knowledge of your health history. If your GP is unfamiliar with prescribing plant-based medicines, we can assist you in finding a suitable specialist. Email us at or call us at 07 4020 5770.

I have a prescription for plant-based medicines from a licensed doctor, but I want to transfer my scripts to Wildleaf. Can I do that?
Absolutely! We’ve made it easy for patients to transfer their prescriptions to Wildleaf. Learn more about our Pharmacy Transfer process here: Pharmacy Transfer
I've been prescribed plant-based medicines, but I'd like to change doctors and transfer my scripts to Wildleaf. How can I do this?

We can guide you through this process as well. Find all the necessary information in our Clinic Transfer process here: Clinic Transfer

Do plant-based medicine prescriptions have an expiry date?
Indeed! Schedule 4 prescriptions are valid for 12 months from the date issued. Schedule 8 prescriptions, including most flower scripts in Australia, are valid for 6 months from the date issued.
I want to learn more about plant-based medicines but don't know where to start. What can I do?

To enhance your understanding of plant-based medicines, we recommend visiting Honahlee and the TGA. They provide a wealth of information to help guide your journey. Check out Honahlee’s Guide to Medicinal Cannabis in Australia and TGA’s patient overview video.

I'm interested in plant-based medicines, but I'm unsure if I'm eligible. What should I do?

Determining your eligibility for plant-based medicines is an important step. Our friendly team at Wildleaf is here to guide you through this process. Book an Eligibility Consultation

How can I help my GP access more information about plant-based medicine?

We recommend your GP explores resources such as the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s Access Pathways to Medicinal Cannabis and Catalyst’s Product Education and Insights for Healthcare Professionals.

Can I drive while using my legally prescribed plant-based medicine?

We strongly advise against driving or operating machinery while under the influence of plant-based medicines, especially those containing THC. These substances can be detected in urine for several days after consumption. Discuss the implications of usage with your doctor to ensure your safety.

Can I travel with my legally prescribed plant-based medicine?

For domestic travel within Australia, yes. Just ensure your medication remains in its original dispensed container as the pharmacy label acts as a legal document. For international travel, we advise contacting the Consulate of the destination country as regulations vary. For more information, visit Smartraveller.

Do I need to use a specific vaporizer for consuming prescribed flowers?
It is recommended to use a TGA registered device for consuming prescribed flowers in Australia. One such device is by Storz and Bickel.
Will my plant-based medicines be covered by the PBS?
Currently, plant-based medicines are not listed on the PBS and are considered private scripts in Australia.
Will my health insurance cover my costs?

Some health insurance companies may cover some costs, but it varies depending on your level of cover. Honahlee has a comprehensive list that you can check out here:

Does Wildleaf have a product catalogue?

Due to regulatory constraints, we cannot publicly advertise or list products online. Please consult your prescribing doctor for further information.

What should I do if I experience an adverse effect?

If you experience serious adverse effects, seek immediate medical attention. If you’re unsure whether your side effects are severe, feel free to contact us.

What do I do if I want to change strains?
As your dispensing pharmacy, Wildleaf’s pharmacists can’t change strains or prescribe different products. Any changes to your prescription must be made by your prescribing doctor.
Do I need to carry a copy of my scripts with me?
While not required, carrying a doctor’s letter can be helpful!
I've just had my consultation with my doctor. How do I get my scripts filled at Wildleaf?
After your consultation, it typically takes between 24-48 hours for us to receive and process your script. One of our pharmacists will reach out to you to guide you through your prescriptions.
How can I refill my scripts?

Refilling your scripts at Wildleaf is easy! Simply text or call us!

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