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We understand that managing prescriptions can sometimes feel complex

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At Wildleaf Dispensary, we’re committed to simplifying your wellness journey.
Transferring your e-scripts to us is straightforward, secure, and fast.

Outside of the Cairns region? We offer fast turnarounds on all postage orders through our seamless delivery service!  

Easy Transfer Process

Transferring your e-scripts allows us to seamlessly manage your plant-based medicinal needs.

Here’s how you can easily initiate the transfer:


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We ensure the safe, confidential transfer of your e-scripts from your current pharmacy to Wildleaf Dispensary.



Once your e-scripts are successfully transferred, we will notify you. You can then visit us at the Wildleaf Dispensary or get in touch for your plant-based medicines.

What is an e-token?

Many prescriptions in Australia now are created as eScripts.

Each eScript comes with an e-token link.

An e-token link is a mixture of numbers and letters 18 characters long (e.g 1JX0RZJT901NV015R2).

Not sure where to find your e-token prescription?

Your Doctor will send you a link to your e-token by SMS or email.

Search your text messages for “E-ScriptSMS”

If you have a repeat prescription, a link to your repeat token should be sent from the pharmacy via SMS. If you haven’t received this, you can request it from the pharmacy.

Some online medicinal cannabis clinics have a prescription portal system, which means you may not be able to access your e-tokens directly. If you need assistance requesting access to your prescriptions our friendly team are happy to help wherever we can.

Do you live outside of the Cairns region?

Ask us about our expedited shipping option for a seamless delivery service.

Why Transfer Your E-Scripts?


We’re conveniently located in the heart of Cairns, Queensland. Transferring your e-scripts to Wildleaf ensures you can easily access your plant-based medicines close to home.

Expert Guidance

Our team of plant-based wellness experts is here to answer any questions, offer advice, and guide you on your wellness journey.

Continued Support

At Wildleaf, our support goes beyond dispensing medicines. We are committed to providing ongoing care, education, and a supportive community to our patients.

We’re Here to Help

Transferring your e-scripts is a significant step in your wellness journey. If you have any queries or concerns about the process, we’re just a phone call or email away. We’re here to assist and ensure a seamless transition.

At Wildleaf Dispensary, we’re dedicated to making your wellness journey as seamless as possible.
Transfer your e-scripts today, and experience the Wildleaf difference.